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Onno Ruhl, Country Director of World Bank for India, visits Operation ASHA

Mr. Onno Ruhl visiting DOTS center
Mr. Onno Ruhl visiting DOTS center

Apr 2, 2013: World Bank Country Director for India, Onno Ruhl, visited Operation ASHA together with a team from World Bank.

During the visit of the World Bank Country Director for India, Onno Ruhl, Sandeep Ahuja gave an extensive presentation on OpASHA’s work. They tackled various aspects of OpASHA’s mission and gave the most recent overview of the news on the TB disease, OpASHA’s strategy, its impact and OpASHA’s plans for future endeavors.

Both Mr. Ruhl and his team have shown great appreciation for the OpASHA’s initiative as well as willingness to learn more about OpASHA’s strategy. Thus they even had an opportunity to visit the urban Indian slums and see OpASHA’s team in action. From the moment they visited the DOTS centers they understood that OpASHA’s impact on the community is priceless.

This sparked Mr. Ruhl’s interest as to how he would be able to help sustain OpASHA’s mission. Inspired by OpASHA’s work Mr. Ruhl published a blog describing his visit and impressions. Soon after, Operation ASHA went on to win the Development Innovation Award from the World Bank, which comes with a substantial in-kind support and $100,000 in grant.

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