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“Operation ASHA is 32 times more cost effective than other NGOs because globally NGOs spend an average of $852 detecting each patient. By contrast, Operation ASHA spends $80 on both detection and treatment.”

states Dean Garba, a Fellow at the Center for Strategic & International Studies in Washington DC, USA. The full blog can be read here.

Operation ASHA has applied the principle of maintaining low cost to every aspect of its work including the technology.

The cost of tablet used for all our technology applications is nearly $200. The tablet lasts for at least 18 months. The cost of internet connection & maintenance / trouble shooting is $276 for the life of the unit (18 months). This brings the total cost to $476. Based on actual patient load in Operation ASHA, the cost of treating each patient for DST/normal TB is $14. This is a tiny fraction of the cost of $2,458 incurred by most organizations in treating one patient in similar settings.

eCompliance also increases productivity of field/ management staff. In Operation ASHA, this saves $694 per unit. Thus, eCompliance not only improves adherence, reduces loss to follow up ( default) improves treatment success rate, it also reduces cost and improves financial sustainability. A win-win situation for all.

The slide given here also shows comparison of Operation ASHA’s cost with data from other published sources, clearing indicating the edge Operation ASHA has.

It is such a low cost and excellent results that make Operation ASHA a darling of all stakeholders including donors.

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