Expand access to services and products of a high quality at affordable prices to disadvantaged communities worldwide with a focus on delivery of health services. We do this by providing the last mile connectivity, i.e. service delivery at the doorstep of the under-served.

Our vision is of a healthy society, where preventable diseases and infant and maternal mortality have been significantly decreased, and healthy lifespan extended for all.


Operation ASHA is dedicated to the following principles:

  •  Raison d’etre for Operation ASHA’s existence is to serve patients/ beneficiaries/ clients.
  •  Develop and implement evidence-based programs, in collaboration with target communities and researchers.
  •  Generate employment and improve income of the disadvantaged.
  •  ‘What gets measured, gets done’. So, our management information systems include continuous monitoring and rigorous reporting.
  •  Maintain transparency for all stakeholders.