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  1. Operation ASHA has generated Financial benefit of $610 Million (Rs 4,813 crores), thus providing Social Return on Investment of over 100 times to donors; details are given in a few bullet points at the end of this page
  2. Treatment of 22,725 patients of normal/ DS TB and 95 patients of MDR TB
  3. Treatment success rate of over 85% for DS TB
  4. Loss to follow up of less than 5% in treatment of DS TB, many times lower than comparable programs anywhere in the world
  5. Substantial increase of detection rate by 50-400% within 6-18 months of starting work in an area
  6. Sensitization and screening of nearly 115,000 families, including contacts of TB patients for symptoms of TB

  1. Of the above 8,048 persons were tested for TB
  2. Collection and transport of 48,230 samples from primary health centers to Government diagnostic labs
  3. Testing of all TB patients for HIV and diabetes. Those who test positive are linked with VCTC centers/ physicians and trained to manage co-morbidity successfully
  4. 370 disadvantaged persons have been provided dignified work as CHWs
  5. Income of 36 micro-entrepreneurs in disadvantaged localities, who work as our partners, has been substantially improved
  6. Over 5,200 village volunteers have been trained on detection and treatment of TB patients
  7. Elimination of catastrophic expenses for patients and families, because all services, including collection of sputum samples, are provided at the doorstep
  8. Our last mile delivery model eliminates out of pocket expenses for patients, who otherwise spend $563 (Rs 44,428) per patient. Thus, patients treated this year have saved $12.8 million (Rs 101.4 crores) in out of pocket expenses
  9. After treatment, patients earn an additional $13,935 (Rs 10.99 Lakh) in their lifetime through reinstated productivity, on average. Thus our treated patients have been benefited by $318 million (Rs 2509 crores) this year
  10. With treatment of each patient, the economy saves $12,235 (Rs 9.65 lakh) in indirect costs (Annual TB Report, 2013, Government of India). So, the various countries have saved $279 million (Rs 2203 crores) this year
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