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Sandeep Ahuja, Founder & CEO

Sandeep is a management and strategy expert. He founded Operation ASHA and has led it since the beginning. Under his leadership, the population coverage of Operation ASHA has expanded by 500 times. He is also an advocate for improved delivery of public health, for disadvantaged communities at the local, state, national and international level.

Before starting Operation ASHA, Sandeep was a member of the Indian Revenue Services (1991 batch). He authored a book on the Drawback Tax Rebate Program in India.

Sandeep was conferred a Public Service Award by the University of Chicago in 2013 for his service to disadvantaged TB patients. He was also invited by the Aligarh Muslim University as a keynote speaker on the Founder’s Day (Sir Sayyed Day) Celebrations in 2002. AMU also conferred on him the Abdul Aziz Medal and University Medal. He was also a recipient of the National Merit Scholarship.

Sandeep taught a short course on “Global Health Problems” at University of Chicago in 2008. He has also delivered lectures at various forums including Ivy League and other top universities and conferences across the world.

Sandeep has a Masters in Public Policy from the University of Chicago, Harris School of Public Policy and a Graduate Certificate in Health Administration and Policy from the Crown School of Social Work, Policy & Practice. During his stay in Chicago, he was awarded a Harris Fellowship and selected a McCormick Tribune Community Leadership Fellow.

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