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Ghati Gaon

Operation ASHA: Hope for Tribal People!!

After traveling about 65 km from Gwalior city into its interior villages, I found myself…

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Distribution of Groceries to Tribal Patients

Operation ASHA started working in extremely disadvantaged remote areas of Gwalior populated by indigenous/tribal people,…

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An Opportunity transformed her life

If anytime you will walk into OpASHA’s headquarters, you will find a lean and fair…

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World TB Day 24 March 2013

The World TB Day campaign is focused on individuals around the world who have found…

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Operation ASHA: A Glimmer of hope

Several months after graduating college with a bachelors degree in Political Science I decided to…

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Floating Tuberculosis Centers: A Step Deeper in Mobile Healthcare Delivery by Adapting to Local Conditions (Part I)

Also published on iCats Fellow Community Blog.  Author’s Note: This is the first post in series…

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World TB Day (24th March)

This World TB day, Operation ASHA was honored by the city of Bhopal for its…

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