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Consultancy by Sandeep Ahuja, CEO

Given the increasing demands on the time of its senior management, Operation ASHA has instituted a policy of charging for the time of certain employees when requested by outside entities.  Our current fees are as follows:

Sandeep Ahuja, CEO:

                  $200 for an hour or part thereof;

        $400 for 2-4 hours;

        $600 for full day

Visit to OpASHA treatment centers, with presentation beforehand:  $200 (suggested donation).

Making Videos of Community Workers, Centers or Communities

OpASHA has provided assistance to many organisations, large and small, to develop stories and videos about patients, disadvantaged communities, technology or delivery pipeline of Operation ASHA. In most cases, this requires administrative support from Operation ASHA. different types of organisations require different level of support. These administrative expenses have to be born by the organisation that utilises the services. The fee is given below.

For small India based organisations: Rs 3000: the shooting is expected to last for 1-2 days.

For large Indian organisations: Rs. 10000: shooting is expected to last for 2-3 days

For small International organisations: Initial $300: shooting is expected to last for 3-4 days

For large International organisations: $200 per day, depending on the number of days for which the shooting lasts

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