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Operation ASHA has married World Health Organization’s standard treatment model for TB, called DOTS (Directly Observed Therapy – Short Course) with technology and a community-based approach, which has achieved unprecedented results. These have eluded rest of the world NGOs for a very long time.

“Operation ASHA’s methodology succeeds because of amelioration of all problems: personal, social, economic, health and medical, faced by patients, their families and communities. Only such a 360° methodology can be successful in eradicating TB”

Professor Ravi Anupindi, University of Michigan, Ross School of Business

There is no expert in the world who does not agree that our model is revolutionary and will succeed in eradicating TB, though many of them oppose it because of personal reasons and vested interests, calling it high cost any many other things, without citing one evidence or engaging with us in intelligent dialogue.

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