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Mr. Mahmood Khairati

Mahmood, the rickshaw puller

A rickshaw puller by profession, 61 year old Mahmood Khairati was earning a meager salary…

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The humbleness of a suffering TB patient!

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters…

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Nababa’s Story- The vicious circle of TB & Poverty

"TB is the child of poverty – and also its parent and provider.”  – Archbishop…

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Saraswati Kumari

The center Saraswati Kumari attends is located in Meethapur I. The entrance is at a…

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Payal: A positive attitude can win any fight.

Payal comes to the Prahladbur center in the morning, accompanied by her mother. She is…

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Nisha lives at the end of a row in the slums of Meethapur. Just beyond…

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Ram Shree: An XDR Patient

On my way to Ram Shree’s house, a 50 year old XDR-TB patient, I was…

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