OperationASHA’s providers use the eFAQ application to quickly answer common questions they may encounter in the field. eFAQ works with OperationASHA’s curated database of frequently asked questions on Tuberculosis, its side effects, risk factors, and related lifestyle and health topics. It can be adapted to support similar databases on any topic the user may need. The app accommodates multiple languages, making this information accessible to all workers in the field, no matter their language background. eFAQ also supports multimedia content such as images, videos, and audio, which assist the provider in explaining topics to patients and bridging communication barriers. Further facilitating quick information access in the field, eFAQ does not require an internet connection. This is important to our providers, who often work in locations with unreliable internet access — our patients’ questions can be answered promptly despite such barriers.

Loaded onto each provider’s Android tablet, the eFAQ app accompanies OperationASHA’s team in DOTS centers and during house-visits. If a patient has a question, the provider simply logs into eFAQ and inputs a keyword or question into the search function, turning up all the related documents in our database. The provider can then choose amongst the results, select one, and view the entire informational document without leaving the app. The provider then relays the information to address the patient’s concerns. The eFAQ app is an essential part of OpASHA’s system as it enables efficient, accessible, and accurate nformation-sharing between our experts, providers, and patients.




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