Satyamev Jayate
TB - The Ticking Time Bomb
World Bank: OpAsha improving TB treatment and outcomes
This case study was prepared by Natalia Agapitova and Cristina Navarrete Moreno from the World Bank’s Social Enterprise Innovations team, with support from NRMC India, a management consulting firm in New Delhi, India.
The Last Mile

The world will lose millions of lives and over $4 Trillion Dollars over the next decade due to Tuberculosis.

This is what we’re doing to prevent that.

Tuberculosis & other Diseases

Skill Development & Employment Generation

Long-term Advocacy & Working with Governments

mHealth and other Software Applications

Just $80 Dollars will
save a human life

  • Dr. Shelly Batra gave a TedX talk at IIM Indore
    Dr. Shelly Batra gave a TedX talk at IIM Indore

Stories from the Front Line

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