Porter Prize
Operation Asha Wins Porter Prize 2016, for Innovation Health Delivery
Dr. Shelly Batra Invited to Oxford to Participate in a Debate
Satyamev Jayate
TB - The Ticking Time Bomb
$80 will save a Human Life

The world will lose millions of lives and over $4 Trillion Dollars over the next decade due to Tuberculosis.

This is what we’re doing to prevent that.

Tuberculosis & other Diseases

Skill Development & Employment Generation

Long-term Advocacy & Working with Governments

mHealth and other Software Applications

Just $80 Dollars will
save a human life

  • The people we serve
    The people we serve
  • OpASHA at Work
    OpASHA at Work
  • Dr. Shelly with Amir Khan
    Dr. Shelly with Amir Khan
  • OpASHA at Porter ceremony
    OpASHA at Porter ceremony
  • Dr. Sandeep with James Cronin
    Dr. Sandeep with James Cronin
  • Onno Ruhl on OpASHA
    Onno Ruhl on OpASHA

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