Services provided
1. Health Services

  • Detection, treatment, education and raising awareness about TB, including drug resistant
    forms: MDR, XDR and XXDR/TDR.
  • Testing for HIV.
  • Detection, management and raising awareness about Hemophilia.
  • Detection, management and raising awareness of Diabetes.
  • Detection, management and raising awareness about Heart diseases.
  • Measurement of blood sugar and blood pressure at the doorstep.
  • Distribution of analgesic, antacid, antiemetic, iron & calcium tablets, condoms, Oral
    Rehydration Salt (ORS), protein supplements, non-perishable food, clothes and blankets.

2. Motorcycle Ambulances
3. Job Creation
In delivery of services, Operation ASHA recruits, trains and employs disadvantaged youths to
work as health workers and community partners. 2/3 rd of the staff of Operation ASHA is semi-
literate/ illiterate.
4. Other Services
These are provided mostly for TB patients.

  • Non-perishable food to destitute patients.
  • Medicines for other diseases. For example, TB patients who are diabetic but cannot afford medicines are also provided medication for diabetes during the duration of TB treatment.

Vocational training for female TB patients who are threatened with eviction by their families. This way, the patients can start earning so families agree not to abandon them.

Counselling to employers to prevent patients from being terminated because of TB. Legal recourse to Labour Court is also taken if needed.

5. Computerisation/Software Applications Operation ASHA has become a supplier of technology around the world. Our clients include leading organizations like the following.

  • Baxter International, the American multinational pharma company
  • Columbia University, Earth Institute, USA
  • Public Health Foundation of India
  • United Nations Human Rights Commission, New Delhi
  • German Leprosy and TB Relief Association, India
  • JPAL (Poverty Action Lab), an affiliate of MIT, USA