Operation ASHA’s Impact
1. Very low default of 4% in TB treatment of DS TB compared to over 20% in India.
2. Treatment success rate of over 87% in normal/ DS TB.
3. Increase of detection rate of TB by 50-400% within 6-18 months of starting work in any
4. 11,562 patients of normal/ DST TB, over 60 patients of MDR TB have been enrolled, 4
patients of XDR are under treatment.
5. Nearly 50,000 persons have been tested for TB at the behest of our CHWs.
6. Over 1,250,000 screenings have been done to detect TB among millions of persons
including contacts of TB patients (who are screened several times).
7. All TB patients are tested for diabetes. Those who test positive are linked with
physicians and trained to manage diabetes successfully. Pre-diabetics are provided
8. 130 hemophilia patients have been detected and started on treatment.
9. Jobs of 6 TB patients have been saved by providing counseling and legal advice to
10. Measurement of blood sugar and blood pressure and advice of their management has
been provided to thousands of persons.
11. 96 disadvantaged persons have been provided dignified work as CHWs.
12. Income of 61 micro-entrepreneurs in disadvantaged localities, who work as partners has
been enhanced.
13. Providing motorcycle ambulance service to 2,677 patients in remote rural Cambodia.
14. Distribution of nearly 1 ton of non-perishable food to TB patients and their families.
15. Distribution of millions of analgesic, antacids and anti-emetic tablets to TB patients to
prevent side effects of TB drugs and to entire communities to camouflage our work
because of the stigma associated with TB and hemophilia.
16. Distribution of thousands of ORS (Oral Rehydration Salts) sachets to prevent diarrhea
and consequent dehydration deaths.
17. Distribution of over 500 blankets in disadvantaged communities.
18. After treatment, patients earn an additional $13,935 (Rs. 8.36 Lakh) in their lifetime
through reinstated productivity, on average (Annual TB report 2013, Government of
India). Thus our treated patients have benefited by $161 million (Rs. 966 crores).
19. With treatment of each patient, the economy saves $12,235 (Rs. 7.34 lakh) in indirect
loss (Annual TB Report, 2013, Government of India). So, the Indian and Cambodian
economies have saved $141 million (Rs. 848 crores)
20. Thus Operation ASHA has generated Financial benefit of $302 Million (Rs. 1814 crores),
providing Return on Investment of over 100 times to donors.t of school