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  1.  Operation ASHA has generated Financial benefit of $1932 Million (Rs. 12,264 crores), providing Social Return on Investment of over 100 times to donors; details are given in the last few bullet points on next page
    1. Treatment of 93,492 patients of normal/ DS TB, 400 patients of MDR TB, 6 patients of XDR TB and 1 patient of XXDR TB. THIS FIGUERE IS FOR 2017
    2. Apart from the above, detection of 540 DS TB patients, of which 512 were sputum positive, through Active Case Finding in a highly remote mountainous area among nearly one million population, and their linkage with the National TB Program for treatment
  2. Treatment success rate of over 85% for DS TB. 
  3. Loss to follow up of less than 5%, in treatment of DS TB, many times lower that comparable programs elsewhere in the world

  1.  Substantial increase of detection rate of DS TB by 50-400% within 6-18 months of starting work in an area.
  2. Sensitization and screening of nearly 7.6 million families, including contacts of TB patients for symptoms of TB
  3. Of the above, nearly 940,000 persons were tested for TB
  4. Collection and transport of 12008 samples from primary health centers etc to Government diagnostic labs
  5. Collection and transport of 1926 samples from Government labs to Gen-Xpert sites.
  6. Testing of all TB patients for HIV and diabetets. Those who test positive are linked with VCTC centers/ physicians and trained to manage co-morbidity successfully
  7. 16 TB patients co-infected with diabetes were provided diabetes medication so they could complete TB treatment successfully
  8. Over 500 disadvantaged persons have been provided dignified work as CHWs and 4000 village volunteers have been trained on detection and treatment of TB
  9. Income of 46 micro-entrepreneurs in disadvantaged localities, who work as our partners has been enhanced
  10. Distribution of nearly nine tons of non-perishable food to TB patients and their families so the patients could complete treatment 
  11. Distribution of tens of thousands of analgesic, antacids and anti-emetic tablets to TB patients to prevent side effects of TB drugs and to entire communities to camouflage our work and ward-off stigma
  12. None of our patients suffer catastrophic expenses, because all services, including collection of sputum samples, are provided at the doorstep 
  13. Our last mile delivery model eliminates out of pocket expenses of patients, who otherwise spend $563 per patient (INT J TUBERC LUNG DIS, 2009, 13(10):1281–1287). Thus, patients treated so far have saved $53 million (Rs. 336 crores) in out of pocket expenses.
  14. After treatment, patients earn an additional $13,935 (Rs. 8.85 Lakh) in their lifetime through reinstated productivity, on average (Annual TB report 2013, Government of India). Thus our treated patients have been benefited by $1029 million (Rs. 6,530 crores)
  15. With treatment of each patient, the economy saves $12,235 (Rs. 7.77 lakh) in indirect loss (Annual TB Report, 2013, Government of India). So, the Indian and Cambodian economies have saved $903 million (Rs. 5,734 crores)
  16. 24 female TB patients were provided vocational training to prevent them from being abandoned by their families
  17. Jobs of 93 TB patients have been saved by providing counselling and legal advice to employers
  18. 600 TB patients have been tested for mental health in an effort to find linkages between the two conditions
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