• On visiting a TB treatment center of Operation ASHA, “I was fascinated: If this model could be rolled out everywhere where there is TB, we could stop multi-drug-resistant TB and save so many lives! What Operation ASHA does is literally to deliver the elusive “last mile” in service delivery. The mile that lies in between well-intended government programs and results on the ground. And they do it with relentless focus and incredible efficiency. What if we could develop Operations ASHA for other problems as well? 90% efficiency and 19 times cheaper? It would be incredible! For those of you who don’t know, ASHA means hope. Hope for millions of TB patients. But to me it can be even more: hope for millions of others who need services, all over the world. Our last miles must become cheaper and more efficient. ASHA’s results in applying the science of delivery give rise to real hope that this can happen.”

    Onno Ruhl Country Director, World Bank, India
  • ”Operation ASHA’s work is truly remarkable.  May this serve as an inspiration for other non-profits.”

    Ken Castro Assistant Surgeon General, CDC, USA
  • ”Operation ASHA is doing exceptional work and has been very successful very quickly.”

    Dr. Sagina Hanjrah MD, Family Physician, Chicago, IL
  • ”I strongly believe in your mission and more importantly your dedication to the cause. It’s inspiring to see the work being done by Operation ASHA."

    Barry A. Barretta EVP, Bank of America/LaSalle Bank, Chicago, IL, USA
  • You are a role model for all. Keep up the good work! We at Rotary have always supported the underprivileged, and we recognize excellence when we see it.

    Sudhir Gupta Rotary International, India
  • ”Operation ASHA is changing the world.  It is truly an inspiring program.”

    Bev Logan Volunteer, Portland, USA
  • ”Working for Operation ASHA, you can’t help but feel like you’re actually making a difference in people’s lives. Thank you for a truly memorable experience.”

    Dhiya Basu Intern, Operation ASHA, University of California, Berkeley
  • ”Operation ASHA is the mustard seed of faith that is moving mountains in India”

    Linda Layfield Volunteer
  • ”Operation ASHA is a good example of work at the community level. I would like to share your work with other countries in South and East Asia and in WHO, Geneva so others could follow your lead.”

    Dr. Nani Nair Regional Adviser – TB, Regional Office for South-East Asia, World Health Organization
  • “The visit to Operation ASHA and the slums was stunning — both for how bad things are and for how good the work you are doing is.”

    Duncan Snidal Professor, Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago
  • "You have indeed created something close to a miracle, and you deserve huge credit for your imagination and your ability to make something very hard actually happen. My congratulations."

    Harold Richman Founding Director, Chapin Hall Center for Children, University of Chicago
  • ”Operation ASHA’s greatest strength is their ability to work with all levels of stakeholders, both government and non-profit.”

    Scott Kennedy Director, TB, Prajnopaya Foundation
  • ”I have never seen an organization so impressively and conscientiously leverage every dollar to such impact.”

    Paul Breloff Vice President, SKS Microfinance, India
  • ”I was very positively moved by commitment of Shelly and Sandeep to this cause and the superb implementation and execution Operation ASHA has demonstrated.”

    Chris Mitchell Associate Vice President, Intellecap, Hyderabad, India
  • ”It sounds like ASHA is the template that should be followed in India…. I wish you great success with the new treatment centers. India is blessed to have you.”

    Marylin Diamond Trustee, Chicago Council of Global Affairs
  • “OpASHA’s cost for treating each patient in India is approximately 19 times lower than the nearest other provider.”

    Joan Yao LGT Venture Philanthropy