eDetection is a tool to improve detection for the relevant disease/issue. The algorithm, approved by the Government or another leading international organization is loaded onto the tablet. It guides CHW to ask the relevant questions, for which the answers are entered in ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Based on the answers, the algorithm directs the CHW to give proper advice to the client. In case of hemophilia, the advice could be that the person needs to undergo a particular test. The result of the tests (or visit to the physician) subsequently need to be entered in eDetection. This continues for many steps, till the person is definitively identified to be free of the relevant problem or enrolled for treatment.

eDetection helps improve detection and productivity of CHWs. It has so far been used for TB, hemophilia and mental health/depression.

The results of eDetection are amazing. A team constituted by Government of India (Central TB Division) found that all TB patients detected by Operation ASHA were expeditiously enrolled in treatment with ZERO initial default. This means that no patient was allowed to go on infecting others, or without therapy. To put this into context, the initial default across India is 18% according to a paper co-authored by Director General, Indian Council of Medical Research.

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