July 8-12, 2013: Dr. Shelly Batra, Operation ASHA president & Abhishek Sinha, Chief Technology Officer invited by GHDonline to discuss eCompliance .


GHDonline hosted virtual, online expert panel discussion from July 8 to 12 related to Health IT & MDR-TB Treatment & Prevention. Dr. Shelly Batra,Operation ASHA, MD, founder and President and Abhishek Sinha, Chief Technology Officer, Operation ASHA were hosted by them to discuss Operation ASHA’s eCompliance initiative, a biometric monitoring system for TB patients. Dr. Batra and Abhishek Sinha also shared about their plan for eCompliance system, pros & cons of using biometrics. They also shared their plans and hope for the future of TB treatment in India, Cambodia, and elsewhere as they expand their work.


To see the complete video of their discussion, click here.

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