October 19th, 2012: Dr. Shelly Batra, President, Operation ASHA was invited to speak on ‘Health Care at the Bottom of the Pyramid’ at Pinnacle, ISB flagship leadership Summit, in Mohali campus.


Pinnacle is the annual Flagship Event for the Indian School of Business held at its Mohali Campus. Bringing a confluence of top level Business Leaders, Academia, Students and Media together on one platform, the summit is a melting pot of diverse experiences and varied perspectives of industry experts and visionaries. Organized by the Graduate Student Association, Pinnacle offers participants the opportunity to learn, interact and get inspired by business stalwarts in a dynamic and constructive environment.


“Welcome to India, the land of Gandhi and Mother Teresa. The country of 700 million mobile phones but not enough toilets. The country where starvation deaths do NOT make headlines, where slavery exists, where inspite of the economic boom and billions of $$ spent on health programs, the government has not been able to fulfill its promise to its citizens, of affordable, equitable, and accessible health care”, says Dr. Shelly Batra in her talk on Health for BOP. According to her, the solution lies in building effective partnerships with the private sector in order to achieve the health care goals in India. Read a brief summary of her talk here.

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