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Shelly Batra

Co-founder & President, Operation ASHA

Dr. Shelly Batra co-founded Operation ASHA and has led the organization as President since 2005.


She is 2014’s Social Entrepreneur of the year, awarded by Schwab Foundation, renowned Senior Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Advanced Laparoscopy Surgeon, an Ashoka Changemarker and a best-selling Penguin author. Shelly’s dedication to reaching the unreached started in 1991, when Shelly went into the heart of the slums in Delhi. Shelly provided pro-bono life-saving treatments and operations as well as free consultations, medicines and counseling. She is actively involved with the Free Patient Department of Batra Hospital and Medical Research Center which is run for the benefit of poor patients. Shelly has contributed heavily through various media channels, such as television stations and newspapers, to impart medical knowledge and create awareness.


Shelly has taught on Global Health Issues at the University of Chicago, Harris School of Public Policy, and has lectured at major universities, including Harvard School of Public Health, University of Illinois, UC Berkeley and Indian Institute of Science. She was an invited guest lecturer to deliver the Hippocrates Society Women in Medicine lecture at Wellesley College. Shelly has also a strong presence online by teaching a webinar for the CORE Group on the subject of Pediatric TB.  She has represented Operation ASHA at meetings of the Stop-TB partnership, a wing of the World Health Organization. Her warm personality and integrity is a tremendous asset to Operation ASHA. In 2010, Shelly was declared an Ashoka Changemaker in view of her outstanding innovations in TB treatment and innovative methodology.


With her extensive medical knowledge and in-depth understanding, she brings the experience necessary for running a health NGO. She is skilled at donor relations and fundraising, and is a highly sought out speaker to represent OpASHA at numerous national and international platforms. Most recently she was the key note speaker at Social Enterprise Summit, Geneva Health Forum 2014 and World Economic Forum on East Asia 2014 in Manila.


Dr. Batra has been the recipient of multiple awards, accolades and recognitions, including the Exemplary Contribution Award for selfless work for the underserved, given by the Indian Medical Association. She holds an M.D. from King George’s Medical College, India.


Shelly is a powerful advocate for better policies in TB across the world. Her concern for the needy goes beyond TB, as she believes in health and a better life for all. In collaboration with others, she has started a social enterprise called SAATHI to provide clean drinking water at an affordable price to those living at the bottom of the pyramid.



  1. Indian School of Business, Mohali : October 19, 2012
  2. Delhi College of Engineering, 2008
  3. Cambridge University, Global Health Roundtable, April 2012
  4. Harvard School of Public Health: 2009
  5. University of Berkeley: 2011
  6. University of Illinois at Chicago: April 22, 2009
  7. Wellesley College. Boston, 2011



  1. Geneva Health Forum, April 2014
  2. WISH QATAR showcase presentation: December 8 and 9, 2013.
  3. GHD online’s expert panel discussion related to Health IT & MDR-TB Treatment & Prevention, July 8 to 12, 2013.
  4. Striking Poverty’s three week long online conversation on ICT Innovations, September 2013.
  5. Global Innovation Roundtable (GIR) by National Innovation Council, Government of India: November 18-19, 2013
  6. The International Partnership for Innovative Healthcare Delivery, Washington, DC: April 2013
  7. US Embassy in New Delhi, September 2013
  8. Rotary clubs and many other social clubs in India and US
  9. CORE Group webinar on “Paediatric TB: Successes and challenges in the field”, April 5, 2012.
  10. mHealth Summit, Washington, DC, 2010, 2011 & 2012
  11. M4D, New Delhi: 2012
  12. India Philanthropy Forum, Mumbai: 2011
  13. India Development Marketplace workshop, Bhopal: 2011
  14. Senior Citizens Club, South Delhi, 2011
  15. WHO’s South East Asia Regional Office, New Delhi: May 2008, World TB Day 2009


Guest Speaker/Key note speaker

  1. WEF, Manila, Philippines, May 2014
  2. Geneva Health Forum, Geneva, April 2014
  3. IPIHD, Washington, USA, April 2014
  4. Social Enterprise Summit, Delhi, March 2014


Advisory Board Member of:

  1. Palav
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