eQuality :

Operation ASHA’s auditors rely on the eQuality app to ensure consistency, quality, and reliability in all our DOTS centers. This Android-based app enables auditors to synthesize diverse types of qualitative and quantitative data into a single numeric score, thereby streamlining and simplifying the auditing process.

The eQuality app, installed on an Android tablet, is our auditors’ most important tool. Over the course of a 4-6 hour visit, the auditor carefully observes the DOTS center in action. The app prompts the auditor with a series of questions covering topics such as patient-provider interaction, inventory, procedures, and record-keeping. Through the prompts provided in the app, the auditor has the opportunity to interview patients, have conversations with the provider, note systematic observations of the facility’s function, and complete home-visits to verify patient activity. eQuality synthesizes the data collected in this process by assigning points to each question, resulting in an easy to understand final composite score.

eQuality improves the auditing process not only for auditors themselves, but also for Operation ASHA as a whole. By digitizing audit results, eQuality connects auditing results with data from our other apps such as eCompliance and eDetection. In the past three years using eQuality, we have been able to ensure that each facet of Operation ASHA’s program is working to its fullest in every DOTS center.

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