eAlert communicates and tracks lab results by sending SMS messages to OperationASHA’s health workers. This accelerates the transition from identifying suspects to treating patients by improving communication and decreasing wait time for lab results.

eAlert is an Android based app used primarily by lab technicians. Upon receiving a sample for testing from an OperationASHA provider, the lab technician registers the suspect in the app. When they receive results from a test, the lab technician enters these results into eAlert, which immediately sends an SMS to the provider notifying them. Now the provider is able to move forward with the suspect, whether that means counselling through a TB diagnosis and beginning treatment, or telling them that they are clear.

The DOTS protocol includes several repeated lab tests throughout patient treatment in order to track the patient’s progress; eAlert makes each of these tests much easier with a shorter turnaround time for results. Every time a patient’s sample is sent in, the lab logs their results with eAlert, and the provider again receives SMS notification.

eAlert’s innovation in quick, accurate communication between labs and providers plays a concrete role in OperationASHA’s fight against TB; by shortening the lag between testing, diagnosis, and treatment, eAlert also decreases the chance of suspects passing on the disease to those around them.

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